Aishitoto has been serving customers in Japan since 1998. The company recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary in business. We are now advancing into Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore as part of our Asian expansion. We aim to eventually spread our love and care throughout the world, and to bring beauty, health and smiles of happiness to the active cosmopolitan woman.

After all, a woman is most beautiful when she smiles.


“”Adhering to the Japanese tradition of wellness and its ideals of beauty, we endeavour to continue our research on how to make women more alluring and more vivacious, whilst maintaining their sparkling vigour and youth. To this end, we created Uruoi Sengen” – Words by Iwamoto Hatsue, Founder of Aishitoto

We aim to spread the love and present the world with beauty.

“Aishitoto” is Fukuokan dialect, translated in English means “I Love You”. Aishitoto’s mission is to be the company that brings to the world the best possible products in beauty and skin care, with the greatest love, care and quality that adheres to the Japanese standard of beauty.

Aishitoto is a mail order company dealing in a wide range of cosmetics, creams and lotions, health foods and collagen products that maintain vibrant youth, resplendent beauty, and total body wellness. Aishitoto’s exclusive label skin care products are created and formulated to satisfy customer need for high quality goods.

We market our products through the means of direct selling and product placements in selected outlets. We also work closely with health organisations like the Pink Ribbon Foundation. In addition, we conduct various talks and lectures to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is said that “food creates the body”, therefore we strive to provide the world with our range of health foods and collagen products that are formulated especially for those interested in a maintaining a style of living that cultivates beauty and health.

Women nowadays are always on the go. It is all about having an active lifestyle and staying healthy. They need a product that they can use quickly, easily and at their convenience. Traditionally, Japanese skincare is quite simple, natural and non-toxic. The Japanese standard of beauty throughout the ages is pure, radiant and unblemished skin.

Ageing is a natural part of life, and every age has its own beauty and charm.
Highlighting and preserving one’s best look at any age is a way of life. Aishitoto believes that well cared for skin and healthy living are keys to beauty. Active living means giving their skin and body the respect and care it deserves. A healthy lifestyle leads to long lasting beauty.